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Olhos d'água, albufeira

Olhos d’Água (Water Eyes) is a village of fishing origins, 5 kilometres east of Albufeira.

There you can visit the famous Falésia beach (considered one of the best beaches of Portugal), Olhos d’Água beach, the historic Tower of Medronheira, the beautiful Freshwater eyes (that gave the name to the village) and the fish market. You can also enjoy the many fish dishes and seafood in the local restaurants and visit the many shops with local crafts.

It's in Olhos d’Água that the best 4 and 5 star hotels in the county are located and where you can still see the fishing boats and the shacks of fishermen. Nowadays, it is still possible (around 10.30 pm) to have the experience of seeing a boat arriving the beach, loaded with fresh fish still jumping in the nets and buy directly from the fisherman.

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